Friday, December 18, 2015

Front Entry to the Bourbon Barrel

We realize that this update is a long past due, considering the Bourbon Barrel has been open for several months now, but better late than never.

All steel is Living Iron (except lights).

Installed Awning

Hand textured copper BAR sign above the awning. 

Hand forged scrolls double as bracing and support. 

Good view of the front entrance, which also includes our "fence" to prevent all the drunk patrons from falling into the road at the end of the night!

Pot Rack

Different length hooks. Rivited front braces. Hand forged in the shop in Sonora. 

Andirons Progress

Solid 1" steel. More progress pictures to come!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bourbon Barrel Bar Tops

Finished bar tops with a polished wax coating.

"Barrel straps"

Steel Boxes

All boxes were specially made for the Bourbon Barrel, and are meant to be anchored to the wall, locked and display the expensive bourbon they have for sale. Each one is different, and locked with an older style pad lock. LED lights, which are controlled behind the bar, are also installed into the boxes for lighting.

Door pulls

The boxes

Installed (photo taken during construction)

Awning Progress

Hammered copper behind the sign

Finally welded up and painted

Fireplace Doors

Finished and installed set of doors up in a cabin in Pinecrest California. 

Twisted steel door pulls

Progress shot

Yes, at one point or another most projects start out as a chalk line drawing on the shop floor. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Finished Light Poles

Rope lights will be hung around a backyard from the hand forged hooks. Bay Area bound next week. 

10' tall, welded to old farm discs. 

Fireplace Tool

Light Hangers Progress

5 poles, each 10' tall

Awning Construction

Solid 1" square bar. Tapered and formed in the shop. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Speaker Box Doors

Lockable doors that his the sound system, lighting and tv controls. 

Finished Fire Pit and Lid

I realize this post should follow the next one, but this is the spoiler alert I guess. 

Redwood lid with the steel dividers running flush with the wood. 

Underground gas line comes up through the bottom of the fire pit. 

Fire Pit Lid Construction

The lid for the Firepit. First the frame, then dividers and then finally the outer frame, which is also the handles for lifting and moving. 

Ready for Nick from Kautzer Crafstmanship to add the wood. 

Updated Bourbon Barrel Photos

The new bar in Sonora called the Boubon Barrel, has a lot of our steel work in it. Here's some of the bar top we did awhile ago. 
From inside the bar

Polished wax finish

Close up of the strapping we put on.