Friday, September 5, 2014


So we've been lucky enough to be able to do some traveling during this past summer. And with all good things, it has ended, and we are busy again back at the shop. Here are a couple of projects that we have finished in the past year (more to come) but never got around to posting them onto the blog.

Basement Doors

We built the entire steel frame along with the door pulls. The door hinges are attached to angle iron running up either side of the entry way. Even with the doors spanning a 9' opening, a person can ride on the doors as they swing open with no problems.

Dead leg attached to the inside of the left door

One piece construction out of solid 1" round bar. Tapered down with out Little Giant Power Hammer

Deck Gate

Built to match the already installed Fortress Railing system on the deck.  Side gate, with locking mechanism and self closing hinges.

Fortress hardware

Inside view

Painted gloss black

Name Plate

Plasma cut out by hand, then patina added for age.

Fire Pokers and more

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pool Railing

We did this one quite awhile ago but forgot to get pictures up of the finished product.

1"x3" rectangular tube, entire railing painted satin black.

Anchored into the slab.

3/8" solid round, left in 20' pieces, slipped through each post and welded on the backside, out of view.

Deck Railing

Painted black with 3/8" solid round bar as pickets. 1"x3" rectangular tube grab rail. 

Putting it to the test!

Around the Shop

Bi-folding steel door shutters. Nine feet tall, eight feet wide, two pairs, with eight doors total. 

Around the Shop

Benches progress. Solid 1", matching pair. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Horse Stables

5/8" solid round bar welded to flatcar, running top and bottom. Lagged into place.