Monday, February 10, 2014

Door Brackets

 A front door which was installed last year. Built by Kautzer Craftsmanship using reclaimed barn wood.
From the outside:

From the inside:

Hammered carriage bolts hold the entire door and brackets together. Painted satin black and then sanded.

Gate Progress

Handrail Panel Progress

This panel is situated near the entryway to the house and is part of 60' of railing on a deck. Panel will be built to meet all codes.

Door Slide Lock and Pulls

Nick Kautzer, Kautzer Craftsmanship, did the doors.

1" solid round bar, heated and then twisted for a very subtle effect.

Wood Chest Brackets

Another project with Nick Kautzer. Hammered and chiseled edges.
 Hinge mockup.

Horrible pictures of the finished product. Hinges attached with hammered square bolts.